Zemam's Too

The second location of Tucson's Zemam's Ethiopian restaurant features a similar, but not identical, menu of traditional Ethiopian dishes from mild to spicy, eaten with injera bread. Gluten-free injera is available on request.

Vegan dishes include:

Foussulia: String beans and carrots simmered in an onion and tomato sauce

Cauliflower: Roasted cauliflower, spiced with a blend of peppers and garbanzo flour

Yemisir Wat: Brown lentil stew with onions, tomatoes and green peppers

Shiro: Pureed chickpeas blended with traditional spices

Yetakelt Wat: Fresh vegetables and potatoes

Gomen Wat: Traditional collard greens with garlic, coriander and cayenne

Gomen Alicha: Carrots, cabbage and potatoes in a mild sauce

Yemisir Kay Wat: Red lentils, sautéed with onions in a spicy berbere sauce

Yekik Wat: Yellow split peas mashed with onion, garlic and green pepper

Spinach: Spinach stewed in a mild blend of traditional spices

Small Garden Salad: Romaine, tomatoes and red onion with an oil/vinegar dressing

Phone Number: 

(520) 882-4955

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Street Address: 

119 E. Speedway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85705


Tues - Sun 11:30am - 2:30pm and 4:30pm - 9:30pm